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As many of you know, Daughter Jewelry was birthed out of the mother company Diane Cotton Jewelry.  But before daughter could become Daughter,  Carly worked closely with Diane learning the ins and outs of the business. This led to what they consider a beautiful partnership.  Through the process they found they both had very different strengths and weaknesses, which could seemingly lead to contention, but in their case led to balance.  Having the base of mother-daughter love allowed them to articulate their differences with freedom.  Their differences many times led to the phrase, "Wow I would have never though to do that, but I love it."  Commonly Carly found herself saying, "Dang mom, you are so much cooler than me." Or Diane would chime in, "I just don't know what I would do if you hadn't shown me how to do x." 

Now as Carly has moved to New York, there has been a geographical barrier to their collaborative design time.  In efforts to get back to the design studio together, Diane and Carly have created the Diane X Daughter Earring Capsule Collection for Summer 2017.  With Diane's treasure trove of various vintage bits and bobs and Carly's passion for earring design, the pair knew they could make something special. The outcome is a collection of one-of-a-kind earrings for the girl who isn't afraid to express a little whimsy.  Beaded shapes, horsehair flowers, and millinery components all make a grand appearance.  "This truly was a fun collection to make," Carly exclaims.  After a bulk of the designing was done and she flew back to New York, she would constantly pester the California team on FaceTime to see how the pieces were coming along.  "I would wake up with such an ache to be back in my mom's studio, playing with these amazing vintage finds.  Everyone who walks into that space never wants to leave, it's magical!"  Even Diane, who has been known to choose necklaces over earrings, has found a new joy in the design process.  Carly explains, "My mom thinks she doesn't have a knack for designing earrings, but when it comes to design, she's unstoppable.  The earrings she has been creating are fabulous!" This collection is all about playfulness.  It doesn't take itself too seriously, but is poised for those who like to have fun in their self expression.  As you go to style your summer outfits, they hope you have as much fun wearing these fanciful designs and they did creating them.


To carry these earrings in your store, contact Sola Showroom here for more details. 

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